• Beauty Day!

    Beauty Day: Girls'/ Ladies' Day.

    I present you this special day because we are all in need for some help! Stress, homework, teachers, routine, fatigue, work ... It's all really exhausting, right? Don't you just feel like all of this is destroying you, taking away who you are? To me, it just feels like i lost myself.. I just needed something to find myself again, remember who i am..

    The "Beauty Day" is a day specially invented for us! One day a month for a full day, and only one thing matters: HER.

    Beauty Day!

    • Preparation

    -The "Beauty Day" must be a few days before the special day (Christmas, New Year, date ...)

    -It's your "at-home-all-day" day, without outings or appointments, and u should reserve the bathroom (or even better the house) to take care of yourself.

    Beauty Day!

    • Action

    During this day, We take care of ourselves from A to Z! From the head to toe.

    Beauty Day!

    1. Hair: -mask or oil bath for the dry hair kind
                 -shampoo and intensive care, conditionner..
                 -let it dry alone (by making a braid, a bun ...)

      Beauty Day!

    2. Face: -scrub or mask to remove dead skin and have soft skin
                 -good hydration to nourish the skin
                 -Eyebrow hair removal (i prefer using the tweezers which is without risk of irritation)

      Beauty Day!

    3. Lips: -scrub with a toothbrush or using sugar & honey for soft, shiny lips

      Beauty Day!

    4. Teeth: -brushing with toothpaste and a little baking soda for whiteness
                   -mouthwash for healthy gums and freshness

      Beauty Day!

    5. Hands: -gentle exfoliation and hydration
                    -polishing and filing of nails

      Beauty Day!

    6. Body:   -body scrub or clay mask for a soft skin
                    -epilation (legs, armpits)
                    -hydration (body butter, oil, cream)

      Beauty Day!

    7. Feet:     -exfoliation and hydration
                    -polishing and filing of nails 

      Beauty Day!

    8. Relaxation: Music, candles, tea, sofa, sunbathing, reading ... Each one of us relaxes in her own way.

    Beauty Day!

    ♥ We should all be happy to have granted all these little cares, and remember that we are all unique and super beautiful ♥

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  • Comments

    Sunday 3rd June at 14:42

    i love your idea cool

      • Wednesday 13rd June at 09:35

        thank u sweetie glad u like it kiss

    Saturday 7th April at 14:40

    Hello, remember who I am, she, a woman who must think of her every day that God does, not once a month. أراك قريبا

      • Wednesday 13rd June at 09:34

        hello, of course i remember you! and yes that is true u're right, but i'm just giving ideas for the lazy girls or the hard working girls who don't have time for themselves, encouraging them to take good care of themselves, which actually will help her improve emotionally & mentally, not just physically ^^

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