• Essential Oils, Worth the Hype?

    Essential Oils

    What is the use of essential oils, you ask? Well, let's see what all this obsession is about.

    With some claim that it clears the skin, improves the immunity, replaces beloved perfume collections and much much more. We all try to clean our my routine. Our exposure to harmful, unnecessary chemicals is daunting. They're everywhere. As are the studies coming out about certain chemicals linked to specific diseases/disorders (just google them for now, but i think i might post about them later).

    I'm sure we all love beauty-i mean, hat's why we're here, right?-but sadly the industry doesn't offer a ton of high performing, chemical-free options. Here is where the role of essential oils shows up: they can replace your home cleaner, detergent, dryer sheets, room scent sprays, candles — the list goes on — with all essential oil-based products (and you will love it). You can even add a few oils into your skincare routine and am amazed at how something so simple can have such a powerful effect in tackling acne, pigmentation and aging.

    If you're hesitated, do some research and try a few oils. Just make sure they're of high quality. I heard that Young Living has good oils, and they have a "seed to seal" guarantee. It coincides well with my buying motto: "Buy it once, buy it right."

    Have you tried out any oils before? If so, what are you using them for? If you have any ideas, thoughts, or comments about it, feel free to let us know! 

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