• Beauty Day: Girls'/ Ladies' Day.

    I present you this special day because we are all in need for some help! Stress, homework, teachers, routine, fatigue, work ... It's all really exhausting, right? Don't you just feel like all of this is destroying you, taking away who you are? To me, it just feels like i lost myself.. I just needed something to find myself again, remember who i am..

    The "Beauty Day" is a day specially invented for us! One day a month for a full day, and only one thing matters: HER.

    Beauty Day!


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  • Hey loves!

    So, Someone requested from me to post about the Dangerous beauty hacks -- the beauty hacks we shouldn't do. & i thought that she's right, it is a great idea.

    By now, we all knw that we should take every advice or beauty tip we see online very seriously, & look it up fully before doing it. I did some research, nd here are the dumbest, most ridiculous, most dangerous, worst beauty hacks ever, and i hope none of u guys does them or even thinks about doing them! But don't u guys worry, i'm here to help you all! Along with every 'not-to-do' beauty hack, i added some help from Dr. Joshua Zeichner, dermatologist & Manhattan dermatologist Francesca Fusco have some advices & ideas of what u could use instead.

    hope this article is useful to u guys & i reaally hope y'all think twice before trying out anything u c online!

    K, here we go!


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    *For a slimming effect:
    ~Caffeine: helps to break down fat stores.
    ~shea butter: protects & nourishes the skin.
    ~mango butter: nourishes & southes the skin.
    *for a toning effect:
    ~Copaiba (obtained from South American type of trees): tones & regenerates skin.
    ~sweet almond: softening, emollient, & strengthening action.
    ~Elemi Resin (native philippines tree): tones the skin.
    *For an anti-cellulite effect:
    ~try taking the above ingredients (for toning & slimming-->also helps getting rid of the cellulite).
    ~Red Algae: Activate the release of fats.
    ~Japanese Pagode (tea from a medical plant): anti-oxydant, smoothes areas of excess fat.

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  • -Honey+Olive Oil= Moisturizer

    -Honey+Brown Sugar= Body/face Scrub

    -Vaseline+White Sugar= Lips Scrub

    -Egg Yolk+Lemon Juice= Anti-Redness

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