• Summer Style: Summer Must-Haves #1

    hey beautiess! ok first of all i would like to apologize to all of you since i havent been active at all lately, but none of u guys should worry, i'm fine, just soo busy.. ANYWAY, summer is here already that was so quickk, & i know im reallyy late for this im really sorry u guys, but summer isnt over yet so what the hell maybe this could still help u out :P and maybe not we'll just keep it here for next summer LMAO okey so..LET'S GET STARTED!

     For starters, here are the accessories for a great look & to always be prepared for anything in the summer! 

    • Shades

    Related image

    obviously, shades are must-haves, even in winter! Apart from allowin u to see better in the sunlight, shades also protect u from UV sunrays which cause cancer & eye problems, they also kepp away the dark under-eye circles, AND make us look really cool XD so if u don't own a pair of shades, which is probably not the case for any of u guys, go get one ASAP!

    • Shoes

    u need open shoes, but also comfortable and casual shoes, like sandals and flats: just cz it's open shoes, doesn't mean you should be wearing pumps and heels. Guys, if u're like me, and LOVE closed shoes like sneakers and converse shoes with jeans, shorts, or even short dresses, then u're probably gonna be disappointed, but they NEED to be put away this summer. If you’re wearing closed footwear, ensure you dry them before next use, bcz first of all they gonna stink, and second of all u're gonna get fungus problems in your feet and we sure as hell don't want that. soo put away the closed shoes and welcome the sandals and open flats! u'll thank me later ;)

    • Bags


    Summer Bags trending this year :

    1. Beaded Bags:

     Image result for beaded bag

    2. Woven Totes:

    Image result for woven totes

    3. Pretty Pouches:

    Image result for pretty pouches

    4. Classic Top Handles:

    Image result for classic top handle bag

    5. Market Carryall:

    Image result for market carryall bag

    6. Ladylike Purses:

    Image result for ladylike bag

    Summer bags are a must, and they are called so for a reason. You will need to stock up your bag a lot more than you otherwise would. Shades ,Sunscreen, body mist, perfumes, etc. Plus the floral ones are so fun and refreshing. And besides let's be fair, even for TomBoys like myself, what's a cute summer look without a bag right? 

    •  Hat Or Umbrella


    Fedoras or not—Hats are a must. If you think they are too fancy, carry an umbrella, just protect ur head from direct fatal sunlight! You carry and apply sunscreen, but considering the hot temperatures, it just won't help. U can go with Hats for beach, baseball caps for weekend breakfast or brunch,.. plus, it makes up for a bad hair day! Whatever your choices are; be prepared. Or if you don't like hats at all, you can always get a scarf and wear it on your head, with the perfect pair of shades and a car ride in the sun with loud music on, you can go back to the beautiful 60s!

    Image result for headscarf and sunglasses

    •    Hairstyles


    Ok, I know this doesn’t fall under your must-have list. But you NEED to try a few summer hairstyles! I thought it was worth mentioning, since it completes your look, and even gives you a perfect one without wearing anything really "cool" or "fancy". If you live in a coastal city, you already know that summer hairstyles are twice as hard. Nothing sticks because of the heat and sweat; also, because it makes your hair wavy, messy and unmanageable. So other than the hats tip, hairstyling can also help you avoid "bad hair day". The messy bun is the first thing that comes to my mind, but that won’t last you the entire season, we all need a little change every once in a while, don't you guys agree? Look up a few DIY tutorial videos and try hair updos that are elegant, fashionable, intact and comfortable without being all over the place. i'll upload and share some of my favorite ones for you guys when i have time. pinky swear :P

    • Sunscreen


    we really don't need to talk about it..

    • Lingeries & Intimates


     really ladies, :') this ain't about tellin' u to get lingerie, this is just about warning u guys, u gotta knw that u can use a pair only for one use during summers. I’m sorry, but that's how it works! The washes need to be more frequent than in winters. It is important to get your bare essentials right, so plan ahead and stock them up!

    And.. we are all done with the summer must-have accessories! if you got any ideas, comment about them below, i'll make sure to read them, and maybe add them to the list ;) Y'all have a great day! XX

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