• How To Avoid Over-Eating

    Ladies, this is something we all suffer from, OVER-EATING..We all want to stop this, and can't wait to find the perfect solutions for it. Especially that, some people over-eat when they are going through emotional stress (like me frown) and we all wanna stop it. So why not try this?

    Of course it's not that easy nor simple, everything needs hardwork afterall; so good luck kiss

    ways to avoid over-eating:

    • not missing meals. missing meals will make you hungrier and cause you to eat more.
    • you can also use smaller plates. eating on a smaller plate, tricks our bodies into thinking were eating more when really were eating a normal portion.
    • close the kitchen 2 hours before going to sleep. when you sleep, your metabolism slows down, so if you eat right before bed, it'll turn into fat easier.
    • you can also chew gum, which will distract you from wanting to eat all the time.
    • here's a quick tip: the red color makes us feel hungry & the blue ome makes us feel full, so if u wanna reduce the amount of ur food intake, try eating in a blue plate.
    • finally, to avoid ur over-eating habit, eat in front of the mirror! How To Avoid Over-Eating


    Hope this helped ✌

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