• How To Ged Rid Of Headaches

    Some probably think this shouldn't be posted, but since it's an advice blog then i thought "Y not?"

    Plus, having headaches can cause anger and stress which can probably get you tired..You can look prettier by smiling and being relaxed all the time, which is easier without having headaches. 

    First massage the "crown" of your head. There's a ring of muscles that circle the head where a crown would sit. Once the muscles have relaxed, your headache will disappear. Also try putting an ice pack on your forehead or behind your neck. Many headaches are caused by tense neck muscles. Lastly, maintain good posture and do some stretching. Staying in the same position for a long time can cause headaches so maintaining good posture will prevent them.

    How To Ged Rid Of Headaches

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