• Which Superhero Team Do You Belong To?

    Okey so i saw this fun quiz nd thought "yeah y not i'll check it out.." Next thing i know, i was super satisfied by the result i got!! XD

    Here's the link: http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/DAWzc7jiKAF/Superhero+Team+Belong


    Suicide Squad
    DC | WB
    I got: Suicide Squad!!
    what the webiste says:"you've had some trouble with law, granted, but there's no doubting your superior skill set. Maybe you could earn a bit of redemption on the Suicide Squad, fighting evil with evil. Plus, you've always had a thing for Harley Quinn."
    What i think:OMG YES.  have u guys seen this movie?! Suicide Squad is the ONLY hero team i would like to be in! ik i don't seem like it, but i am pretty evil :P, & yeah i lovee everybody in this squad; & i think the new joker is soooo fuckin' HOT.. Isn't he?
    "Always had a thing for Harley Quinn." Are you kidding me?! i ADORE her! She's the bestt. Plus everybody who knows me well calls me Harley Quinn, "almost the same personality", they say. My friend said once, "beautiful & looks like an angel but crazy as hell! Yup, you're her!"~still laugh everytime i remember him say it. Plus, for many girls, their fave famous couple its prob. Jack-rose from titanic, or  & from "the fault in our stars"..well mine is harley-joker! They just have that special thing idk..

    Team Harley-Joker <3


    What u guys think 'bout all this? 
    so, what u guys think 'bout it? & who's your favorite couple?
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