• What Does Your Lip Print Say About You?

    According to Certified Lipsologist Anna Snodgrass, certain lip features help to identify a lot about your personality and your health. Take your own lip print and match it to one of these eight traits to learn what your lips say about you.

    ~source: http://www.doctoroz.com/slideshow/what-your-lips-say-about-you.

    Triangle Lip Print

    What It Says: You Help Others to Succeed

    You are very caring. You recognize the skills and abilities of others and help them to recognize those skills and abilities in themselves. You would do well in supportive roles like working as a teacher, coach, manager or counselor, as well as in human resources or tech support.

    • rectangle

    Rectangle Lip Print

    What It Says: The Family Problem Solver

    You are a community “rock” or “salt of the Earth.” You're the “go-to” person to solve problems and get things worked out in the office and community – especially in your family.

    • closed

    Closed Lip Print

    What It Says: Stubborn!

    You don't like to change your mind once you've made a decision, and it would be very difficult for anyone to get you to change your mind once it’s made up. The upside is that you tend to finish what you start and do what you say you will do.

    • open corners

    Open Corners

    What It Says: Easily Bored

    When the sides or corners of the lip print are open or not touching, this means you're easily bored or like to keep busy. You always need to find something for your inquisitive mind to do!

    • full lower lip

    Full Lower Lip

    What It Says: Generous and Expressive

    You're benevolent and will give easily to others. You're also good at expressing yourself. You can be good at one or more of the following: teaching, speaking, performing, writing or simply sharing your ideas. You're also often good with children and/or animals. (Bonus: The upper lip print is thin, which means that you're picky!)

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