• WARNING: The DEADLY 'sunburn tattoo' trend!


    Hey guys! K so i ws gonna wait for summer to post this, but then i thought that since it's such an important arricle, it can't wait or be postponed, it NEEDS to be shared right now! 

    Sunburn tattoos are "natural tattoos", could be done by anyone. When u go to the beach for example, u use nail polish or sunscreen to draw the "tattoo" design u want, nd after the full day at the beach, ur whole body will get sunburnt except for the "tattoo". I totally agree, it does look really pretty nd tempting, but come to think of it..

    here are some reasons why we should IMMEDIATLY stop ourselves or anyone from doing it.


    1. Skin cancer: everybody knows that UV sunrays produce skin cancer, so imagine people getting sunburnt on purpose just to get a drawing on their body. Insane right?
    2. Mismatched Skin: Beyond increasing your risk for skin cancer, UV radiation ages the skin faster — and even faster if you get a sunburn. Don't think it will be considered artistic if some of your skin looks 20 years older than the rest of you.

    3. Feel the Burn: Sunburned skin is injured skin. It is more susceptible to further burning, it can't regulate skin temperature or electrolyte levels, and it can't protect you from all the nastiness in the world. Sunburned skin is also ripe for more injury and disfigurement, and needs proper wound care, and sometimes even medical treatment. If u don't wanna think about it logically, just remember how much it hurts when ur whole body is burnt nd u can barely move, walk, sit, sleep.. ik, just the thought of it kills!

    4. Sunburn Tattoos Last Forever: While your burn may fade, discoloration and scarring will remain following a sun-induced injury. It's easier to remove real tattoos with lasers than to restore injured, scarred, discolored skin. You may think that sunburn tattoo body art is temporary, but don't be fooled — it can last an ugly lifetime.

    So guys, all i gotta tell u is, BE CAREFUL!

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