• Summer Style: Summer Must-Haves #2

    back again with the summer tips loves! again, reallyyy sorry for being this late ^.^

    now, without further ado, here's summer must-haves wardrobe, your summer clothes!

    •  Tank Tops
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    Tank tops go with anything and everything. Different sizes, colors, styles, designs, that's just what we love about them! You can wear them both indoor and outdoors. And, you can never have too many of them.

    Related imageImage result for yoga pants

    When I say yoga pants, I mean comfortable cotton ones. Not the winter sweats. I spend most of my summer shopping and other activities in these. They are just smooth on the skin and protect you from the tan. And, they give you just the perfect shape for your body!

    • Shorts

    For most of you, it goes without saying. It's an everyday essential. For some of you who shy away from wearing shorts, do yourself a favor and try them. You will thank me later. All you gotta be is confident and comfortable with urself, What anyone thinks is not your problem!

    • Plain T-shirts

    We are always cranky in summers and getting out is a big deal. And dressing up is a pain as you are clueless about clothing that is both comfy, yet colorful and stylish. Just like tank tops, T-shirts are also the perfect thing for a lazy, yet simple and wonderful look! For those of you who don’t want to make an effort to look for anything cute, this is all you will need. Wear them with culottes, shorts, trousers or just about anything. Get a pack of black and white each, but don't forget the colored ones! They will come a long way. if you want, here's how to design your own colored t-shirts.

    Summer Dressing Ideas

    • Palazzos And Tank Tops


    They are airy, flouncy and most importantly don’t touch the skin—which makes them ideal pieces of clothing for summer. Go with lighter fabrics like chiffon, georgette or linen and sport them with a tank top that is either contrasting or complementing your trouser. It depends on your mood really.

    Shop That Look

    Palazzo: myntra.com

    Tank Tops: myntra.com

    • Culottes With Plain T-Shirts


    They're like pant-a-court palazzos! These are trendy, chic and seamless. Summer looks are all about being effortless that don't compromise on style. Team up your t-shirts and tank tops with these culottes! with these culottes. The options are limitless here. They come in printed, floral, plain etc. However, choose prints that match your body type. You’re otherwise good to go with these!

    Shop That Look

    Culottes: myntra.com

    Plain Top: jabong.com

    Sandals: myntra.com

    • Maxi Dresses


    Shop That Look

    Maxi Dress: myntra.com

    Oxidized Jewelry: ajio.com

    Shades: ajio.com

    Looking for a summer outfit that is suitable for work and for something that can just be casually worn on the weekend, To a bridal shower or a house party? The answer to everything and anything is a maxi dress. They are easy on the skin and feast to the eyes, they might not be in the length of shorts, but they are loose and comfy, and keep your legs breathing beneath it; what else do u need? Also, it Suits any body type and occasion.

    For a veiled woman like myself, it looks really great! Although i do wear my own with a jeans jacket over it, but you don't have to! And also, i don't always wear it with sandals, it also works with my white converse! (yes i do wear maxi dresses with converse, doesn't just apply on flats & sandals) here's what it looked like on me, but with sandals on:

    Summer Style: Summer Must-Haves #2

    • Maxi Skirts


    Same talk for long but loose and comfy, Maxi skirts have become the latest fashion trend in summer. From plain, striped to bold and luxurious—the choices are limitless. You get this in split type if you like to show off those toned calf muscles. Wear these with camis and layer it up with with a cape to get protection from tan. Or, try this with a tunic top—it is one combo you cannot say no to.

    Shop That Look

    Maxi Skirt: myntra.com

    Tank Top: myntra.com

    White Sandals: myntra.com

    • Crop Tops

    Image result for crop topImage result for crop top and skirt

    Crop Tops are a rage and have been so, especially over the last season. These are not going anywhere for some time now, plus they go with just about anything. Leggings, skirts, denims—short or long trousers... you can wear them with pretty much everything; u just gotta find the right length and style. And needless to say, they look great with skirts. Get a few of them to mix and match. You won’t get tired of them, in fact, you can never have enough of them!

    Shop That Look

    First pic (crop top): https://www.missguidedau.com/grey-cap-sleeve-crop-top-10095545

    Second pic: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Women-Two-Piece-Crop-Top-Floral-Skirt-Set-Summer-Party-Mini-Club-Evening-Dress-/401112191541

    • Cold Shoulder And Dhoti Pants


    Have you heard about these yet? Cold shoulders are the next big thing. The fashion world has stylishly inched away from off shoulder tops into these cold shoulder tops! It comes to prove that tweaking tiny details can make a world of difference to a style statement. They also go with absolutely any bottoms. However, dhoti pants are unique and distinct. Both dhoti or cowl pants and cold-shoulder top add definition to the look. You hardly need any accessories, that’s what makes this look so important and fun!

    Shop That Look

    Cold Shoulder Top: myntra.com

    Dhoti Pants: myntra.com

    Blue Wedges: myntra.com

    • Short Linen Dresses


    if u're a fan of linen, loom or anything cotton., then u're gonna LOVE this. If not, summer will make you fall for it, anyway! But, yes short linen dresses are a blessing in disguise. You just slide it down your body and not worry about anything else. So is the case with off-shoulder dresses as well. Classic, comfortable and uptown chic! Match them with bold white slips on or shoes for a summer day outing!

    Shop That Look

    Linen Dress: ajio.com

    Off Shoulder Dress: ajio.com

    Shoes: ajio.com

    White Back Pack: ajio.com

    • T-Shirt Dresses


    We all love the T-shirt material, don’t we? And, most of us just sleep with a long boyfriend tops (i know i do :P). what if we could wear them outside, and still feel good? Yes, we can now look and feel good with these shirt-dresses, thank you fashion! Go with a classic shirt tied at the waist—how cute is that!

    Shop That Look

    Dress: bewakoof.com

    Canvas Shoes: myntra.com

    There you go, the perfect, simple, stylish and easy look! you're welcome :P 

    til' next time, XX

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