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    Hey guys! K so i ws gonna wait for summer to post this, but then i thought that since it's such an important arricle, it can't wait or be postponed, it NEEDS to be shared right now! 

    Sunburn tattoos are "natural tattoos", could be done by anyone. When u go to the beach for example, u use nail polish or sunscreen to draw the "tattoo" design u want, nd after the full day at the beach, ur whole body will get sunburnt except for the "tattoo". I totally agree, it does look really pretty nd tempting, but come to think of it..

    here are some reasons why we should IMMEDIATLY stop ourselves or anyone from doing it.


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  • -cleansing:

    -always wash your face before bed

    -use lukewarm water

    -be gentle

    -wash your face in the morning & at night

    -try using a cleansing brush


    -pat skin dry

    -do not rub

treating acne:

    ∘ salicylic acid cleanser

    ∘ benzoyl peroxide spot treatment

    -daily moisturizer

- never pop your pimples!!!!

    - don't use too many products because it can irritate your skin

    - use clay face masks (they will clean out excess oil and bacteria)

unclog pores with this mask:
this mixture will help smooth bumps and unclog pores.
∘ mix together equal parts of mashed strawberries and plain yogurt
∘ spread the mixture on clean skin and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water

preventing acne:

    - don't touch your face

- wash your makeup brushes regularly

    - keep your hair off your face

    - keep your phone off your face

    - moisturize

- carry oil

    -blotting sheets in your bag


    use toner in your t-zone (if your t-zone is oilier)

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  • I Already posted an article about getting perfect tans, but if something goes wrong or if you have a sensitive skin like mine and you got sun burnt, don't worry! i have a solution for you guys <3



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