• Quiz: What Color Is Your Personality?

    Colors are used all over the world to describe moods and chakras. The way you act and the way your brain reacts can be coded by a color, according to Dr. Carol Ritberger-and it has nothing to do with your color preferences *Obviously  :') *. Answer the following questions to find out your personality color and what health issues might be associated with this identification. 


    P.S: comment or contact me if u want me to do articles about the Other personality colors (with the descriptions of Dr. Oz).

    i got: Orange

    Dr. Oz's description for my personality color: 

    You have an orange personality! Oranges are friendly, caring, considerate people who take pleasure in helping others, but tend to put themselves. Their social nature inspires them to bring people together for the purpose of sharing and enjoying each other's company. People with orange personalities are susceptible to depression because they worry so much about other people and are more affected by their situations. They also tend to have lower digestion issues from their inner stress.

    my response to him:

    orange is my SECOND worst color, but every single thing in the description is true >.< 

    i am really a very caring person with such a big forgiving heart (it's a blessing & a curse..)

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