• How To Have A Clear Skin


    -always wash your face before bed

    -use lukewarm water

    -be gentle

    -wash your face in the morning & at night

    -try using a cleansing brush


    -pat skin dry

    -do not rub

treating acne:

    ∘ salicylic acid cleanser

    ∘ benzoyl peroxide spot treatment

    -daily moisturizer

- never pop your pimples!!!!

    - don't use too many products because it can irritate your skin

    - use clay face masks (they will clean out excess oil and bacteria)

unclog pores with this mask:
this mixture will help smooth bumps and unclog pores.
∘ mix together equal parts of mashed strawberries and plain yogurt
∘ spread the mixture on clean skin and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water

preventing acne:

    - don't touch your face

- wash your makeup brushes regularly

    - keep your hair off your face

    - keep your phone off your face

    - moisturize

- carry oil

    -blotting sheets in your bag


    use toner in your t-zone (if your t-zone is oilier)

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