• How To Get Smoother Lips

always carry chapstick or lip balm around with you and use it whenever your lips start to feel dry
    -lip balm 
when wearing lipstick, wear your lip balm as a base. this will crest a protective moisture seal
drink plenty of water. drinking water can help with clear skin as well as smooth lips!
dip a plain toothbrush with vaseline and brush it on your lips to remove dead skin cells. you can also use lips scrubs.don't over exfoliate
,over exfoliating can strip away all your natural oils, leaving your lips dry and flaky
stay away from salt
try to eat less salty foods. salt draws moisture out of things including your lips
when it's windy
cover your lips when it's windy. you can tuck your chin beneath a scarf
    -avoid licking your lips 
saliva can actually dry your lips out. also, saliva could remove your lip balm or chapstick that you have on.

    How To Get Smoother Lips

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