• How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

    -get perspective
    to get a real view of your eyebrows, step about two feet away from a mirror. this allows you to see yourself how others do, from a distance. it will help you get a more precise view of what your eyebrows are like.
    -filling in
    use an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in your brows. use light strokes and blend so it's not too dark and you can easily fix mistakes. using a spool you can brush the powder in to make it look more natural.
    use a mirror that magnifies when tweezing your eyebrows. it is recommended that you just tweeze the small hairs that are growing out of place. be very cautious when tweezing near the longer hairs, which give your eyebrow shape and dimension.
    purchase a small pair of scissors dedicated to trimming your eyebrows. to know what you're going to trim, take a small comb or eyebrow brush and brush upwards. this will show you the longer hairs that need a trim.
    -shapes for your face:
    • square face: go for a slightly rounded shape towards the arch of your eyes.
    • round face: go for a higher arch to bring out the bone structure that is not present.
    • long face: with a lengthy face, it's better to just extend your eyebrows to have more length.
    • heart face: there's no specific shape, but make sure that they are not too thin and well groomed because of your face structure.
    • oval face: a classic balanced brow works best with just a small arch.
    -removing hair:
    depending on what you prefer, you can wax your eyebrows, use a laser, or thread them. use a tweezer for minimal clean up. if you are unsure what to do, ask your mom for help or visit a profession to do them for you!

    How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

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