• How To Get Longer Nails

    ⇝ moisturise
    moisturise your hands and nails in the morning and before you sleep. it keeps your nails hydrated and leaves your cuticles looking soft.

    ⇝ keep your nails an appropriate length
    doing this will keep your nails from tearing and becoming unhealthy, and also make sure to clean your nails daily to free them from grime and dirt.

    ⇝ keep your nails hydrated
    rub a small amount of petroleum jelly (Like Vaseline) on your cuticles and the skin around your nails every night before you go to bed or when your nails are dry.

    ⇝ use biotin
    taking supplements with biotin strengthens weak nails and prevents the nail from breaking and splitting.

    ⇝ coat outside of nails with polish
    apply a clear coat of polish on the nails and around the outside of the nails. this helps keep them moisturised and prevents splitting.

    How To Get Longer Nails

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