• How To Fix A Broken Nail

    Here's an easy tip for broken nails: TEABAGS.

    What you'll need: Nail glue, teabag, scissors, tweezers, nail file or buffer block, orange wood stick, and base coat.

    1. Make sure your nails are clean — no base coat, no polish.
    2. Cut the teabag close to the length and width of the break in your nail. 

    3. Add a drop of glue on an orange wood stick, then dab it over the break.
    4. Place the teabag piece over the break with tweezers, then let it dry.


    5. Using a buffer or nail file, lightly smooth out the surface of your nail.
    6. Once your nails are buffed to smoothness, apply a base coat.

    Et voilà! Thats it, really simple, we're done here.

    Broke A Nail

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