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    Welcome To My World
    ➳My Name is Dana, i was born on February 22nd {1999 if u wanna knw}

    ➳i'm Lebanese.
    ➳My Fave Person In The Whole World: My Bestie Nina ✨~i owe her my lifee ♥

    ➳i have olive-green eyes, & im a liiiittle bit short :$ okey fine, im short..

    ➳My fave superhero team: Suicide Squad, evil & heroes @ the same time! I'm kinda obsessed with Harley Quinn-not just cuz people compare me to her- & Joker is my fave male character from the movie.

    ➳i LOVE reading, my fave french book is "Les Misérables"~Victor Hugo; & my fave english book is "Daughter Of Satan"~Jean Plaidy

     ➳ FOOD!!!!..i eat everythingg!!(well Except for falafel, cow-sheep-goat instenines, chicken & meat bones..ew..) yeah & don't judge me; my FAVE MEAL is a mixture of Nutella & French Fries DONT U DARE JUDGE MEE

    ➳My passions and hobbies...✿ My main passions are drawing, fashion and laziness, yes I swear it is a passion & I practice it daily. / ✿ I also listen to a lot of music. The fact that I have MANY personalities(~yup dude that's true u read that right~) allows me to listen to ALL types of music: I listen to rap, rock, RnB, pop, alternative, metal, jazz ...like literally all kinds of music :P

    ➳My favorite musical artists ... ♬ Enrique Iglesias -MY FAVEEEE i even have a fanblog so go check it out-, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, pretty much everyone else... / ♬ I LOVE bands like One Direction(~yes i AM aware that they broke up & theyre still one of my fave bands, plus i love each of them solo so yeah..~), 21 pilots, Maroon 5, BVB, KISS... / ♬ I can also RAP really good~but can't sing though_MY VOICE SUCKS_

    ➳And about ME ...♥ I am a shy person but very open minded and friendly. I like meeting people and getting to know them. But I still prefer being alone in my locked bedroom in the dark..(yes many personalities i already told u that u ddnt believe me!) My one bestie is enough 4 me, i believe in quality not quantity..Umm..what else? Oh yeah! I laugh at my own jokes ... '-' / ♥ My favorite colors are PURPLE & black.

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