• Do NOT Try These Beauty Hacks — EVER!

    Hey loves!

    So, Someone requested from me to post about the Dangerous beauty hacks -- the beauty hacks we shouldn't do. & i thought that she's right, it is a great idea.

    By now, we all knw that we should take every advice or beauty tip we see online very seriously, & look it up fully before doing it. I did some research, nd here are the dumbest, most ridiculous, most dangerous, worst beauty hacks ever, and i hope none of u guys does them or even thinks about doing them! But don't u guys worry, i'm here to help you all! Along with every 'not-to-do' beauty hack, i added some help from Dr. Joshua Zeichner, dermatologist & Manhattan dermatologist Francesca Fusco have some advices & ideas of what u could use instead.

    hope this article is useful to u guys & i reaally hope y'all think twice before trying out anything u c online!

    K, here we go!

    • Limes In Place Of Deodorant
      The idea of rubbing a lime under your pits is zesty and earth-friendly, right? But Dr. Joshua says it could quickly take a turn for the worse (lime is acidic, after all). "Limes can cause skin irritation and red, burning, scalding rashes". Even a splash of the highly sun-reactive citrus from a poolside margarita could be majorly bad news. Try Instead: Regular deodorant, a cleansing towelette and a mist of fragrance if you're in a pinch.
    • Using Mouthwash To Combat Dandruff
      According Dr. Francesca Fusco: "There is no scientific data to support this. Dandruff is caused by an overgrowth of yeast and is often accompanied by a compromised skin barrier, I'd worry that use of a strong alcohol-based mouthwash could further disrupt the scalp's skin barrier, only exacerbating the problem.” She adds that the solution could also alter color-treated hair. Try Instead: Sometimes, it's best not to mess with a good thing. "The most effective way to combat dandruff is with a clinically proven zinc pyrithione shampoo-and-conditioner regimen," Dr. Fusco recommends. You can get started here.

    • Using A Stiletto, Knife, Or Plunger To Contour
      The list for why this is a bad idea is pretty obviously long, but most importantly, is the unsanitary and dangerous nature of these "tools." Try Instead: Literally anything else with a straight line. Here are some obvious suggestions: A piece of paper, ruler, pencil, book, notebook, credit card...

    • Deodorant To Combat Shine
      "Not a good idea!" warns Dr. Zeichner. "Antiperspirants work by blocking your sweat glands from producing wetness, but they don't do anything for oil-producing cells." If you tend to get a really sweaty face, a transparent antiperspirant is a fine idea — with the asterisk that it can congest pores and cause potential breakouts. Try Instead: For shine, try an oil-absorbing primer. You can use some paper or tissues for blotting ur face if it's sweaty.

    • Diaper-Rash Cream For Breakouts
      While Dr. Zeichner says diaper-rash cream can help soothe and calm inflamed skin (and can mellow an angry pimple), it's not something you should be smearing all over your face. bcz already sensitive, acne-prone, and oily skin, a pore-plugging ingredient like zinc oxide (often found in diaper-rash creams) can trigger further breakouts. Try Instead: "Look for an acne product with benzoyl peroxide that fights acne-causing bacteria," Dr. Zeichner recommends.

    • Dish Soap For Lipstick Removal

      Dish soap does remove lipstick stains from ur clothes & closets, but uk what doesn't work? Putting that same dish cleaner on your mouth! Guys, this is crazy, okey we all knw we can't use dish soap on our lips! I mean, there are makeup removers & facial wash soaps for a reason, right? Dish soap dries the hell out of ur lips, nd surely u dont want that! Also, accidentally ingesting that kitchen staple isn't an accident you should be willing to make just to remove your new lippie. Try Instead: makeup removers or facial cleansers, facial soap.. you can also use vaseline, since it doesn't ruin ur lips & it actually helps to make them softer!

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