• 7 Things You Should NEVER Do In School

    We all want to avoid being embarrassed or having bad school days, here are some tips to help!

    Things you should NEVER do in school:

    1.NEVER Forget you rain coat/umbrella: Make sure you never forget your rain coat/umbrella at home, if you don't want to forget them in class or lose them somewhere or be carrying too much things, you can get the foldable umbrella that can fit in your bag or locker, and a thin rain coat to also fold and put in your bag or locker. This way, they will always be there when you need them. Especially if you live somewhere where the weather changes suddenly.

    2.NEVER Forget to pack your lunch: spending a complete day without food is absolutely tiring, especially if it's a school day. After all the work and between your classes, you just need to eat something to concentrate and to reduce the stress. So unless you have lunch money with you and you are willing to try new food, DO NOT FORGET YOUR LUNCH! or else you'll spend your school day hungry and angry, and nobody wants that.

    3.NEVER Come Late: You race into class, slam the door shut behind you, and settle yourself noisily into the nearest empty seat you can find. At LEAST try to be a little more quiet. Plus, if you're trying to avoid attention and to not be starred at and feel weird, try not to arrive late.

    4.NEVER talk too much or be the gossiper in the class:You're distracting people around you. You're disrupting your professor. No one wants to hear about your pssst psssst psst psst in class. Stay quiet or stay out of the room. And again, This draws attention back to you.

    5.NEVER fall asleep in class: No one plans on falling asleep in class. If you've been up all night studying or you woke up super early to commute to your class, I suggest you grab yourself a warm cup of coffee. If you're like me and coffee has no effect on you, at least try not to sit at the front of class, so the prof doesn't *completely* notice you've fallen asleep. Take it from someone who has fallen asleep right in front of the professor's face... A number of times... Plus, you never know, falling asleep in highschool class, drooling on tables and notebooks, snoring, ABSOLUTELY NOT the kind of attention you wanna get.

    6.NEVER Comment On EVERYTHING the Professor Says: Questions about parts of the lesson you don't understand are fine. Counter-arguing or commenting on every single thing the professor says is not. Okey, You're probably smart and opinionated, but The rest of the class doesn't care for your opinion.

    7.NEVER Sit at the End of the Row: Unless you're one of the last students to walk in, don't trouble yourself or anyone else by sitting at the end of the row. It's not pleasant.


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